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Here you will find important information about Red Circle 7.

What is Red Circle 7

Red Circle 7 (RC7)(Red Circle 7 LLC) is an independent music company.

Red Circle 7 conducts business as:

  • Red Circle 7 Records – Record Label
  • Red Circle 7 Publishing – Music Publishing
  • Red Circle 7 PR – Public Relations


Red Circle 7 was originally founded by members of the site crew of, a site dedicated to supporting the writing, recording, production, marketing, and promotion of independent music by songwriters, artists, and independent labels, publishers, and other music producers.


Based in Plano, Texas, USA, Red Circle 7 primarily operates in the USA, UK, and India.


Visit the label and publishing pages to explore our current artists, producers, and songwriter’s rosters.


Red Circle 7 is NOT currently looking for or accepting submissions. Please, do not send in unsolicited materials.