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2 Oct 2019: Bangalore-based singer-songwriter releases the first single and music video from concert movie “Emotion and Words”.

A music video of “Try” performed live by singer-songwriter Mahesh has now been released as part of the concert movie “Emotion and Words: Live at Jagriti Theatre“. This also marks 1 year since his 2018 EP “Accept” was released. 

“For the ‘Accept‘ launch gig last year, I wanted to do something really special and memorable. So, I decided to call everyone that I’d worked with in the past couple of years to collaborate on this concert movie. Very excited to be sharing it with the world” says Mahesh. The live performance video comes out ahead of Mahesh’s  South East Asia tour across 3 countries in October.

More videos from ‘Emotion and Words’ have been scheduled to come out by the end of this year.

Listen to ‘Try